Application Performance Monitoring

About Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management is a discipline within systems management. It focuses on the monitoring and availability of software applications. The ability to see how a running application is performing is a more crucial task than ever.


Underneath the umbrella of partnering with the business, automating the alerts, and trending on performance comes Application Performance Management. APM has many benefits when implemented with the right support structure and sponsorship. It is the key for managing action, going red to green, and trending on performance.

Network Monitoring
Keep an eye on bandwidth consumed, number of packets transmitted and packets errors.
Server Monitoring
Watch the memory usage, CPU utilization and local disk storage.
Storage Monitoring
Availabitily and performance of data volumes, capacity used and status.
Can define thresholds and alert routing logic, therefore, one kind of problem will prompt alerts to the network group or the server group.
Response Time
It's essential that you choose an Application Performance Management solution that can measure response time for your applications in the most realistic and comprehensive as possible.

Given the high percentage of systems failures as the cause of outage incidents, monitoring your servers, network and applications should be near the top of your list of priorities for troubleshooting problems.

APM solutions which will ensure the optimal response time, availability and performance of mission critical applications, systems (virtualized/physical) and networks.


  • Increase Sales and Revenue
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Better End-User Experience
  • Less Reliant on Costly Expert
  • Higher Google Ranking